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June 4th, 2008

Weekend at Bernie’s Blog Crew @ 12:08 pm


Hi, and welcome to the Weekend at Bernie’s Blog Crew
*This is one crew for both movies, both the original and its sequel. (If a remake or a third sequel ever gets done, adding new characters will be at the sole discretion of the mod. i.e. if I don’t think its complete crap.)


To claim a character: If you see someone you would like to claim, and they are available, all you have to do is leave a comment asking if you may have the character. Please make sure they are not already taken before you ask. (*Thus it’s also a good idea to check the user comments that I haven’t responded to yet as it will be first come first serve and someone may be asking for the same character as you and rightfully it would belong to the user ahead of you.)

When you ask for your character and I approve it, all you then have to do is just copy/paste this in your user info, replacing 'character name' with the character's name that you claimed.

The code (Feel free to edit. I don't mind as long as something links back to this entry or else the main community of blogcrew_mania)

(*Or if you prefer, you may make your own stamp. They are not however mandatory, just using the code is fine.)


Larry Wilson: batkisses
Richard Parker
Bernie Lomax: magnitude9
Gwen Saunders

Arthur Hummel
The Mobu
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Blog Crew Mania

Home of the LJ Blog Crew