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Blog Crew Mania

Home of the LJ Blog Crew

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Hi, and welcome to Blog Crew Mania.

I own several crews and decided it best to host them here.

Here’s what we got:

* Classic Disney (This is solely for the older live-action movies. Also because I felt like being picky with this one, we’re only dealing with the non-animated characters too.)

* Rankin/Bass Claymation (For things such as Rudolph and Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town)

* Rankin/Bass Animation (Yep, two separate Rankin/Bass Crews; this one is for things like The Last Unicorn and The Hobbit)

* Harry Potter

* Labyrinth

* Punky Brewster

* Punky Brewster (Animated Cartoon Series)(Yes we have two Punky Crews. The first one is for the live-actor TV version.)

* Fraggle Rock

* The Neverending Story

* Garfield and Friends

* The Facts of Life

* Alvin and the Chipmunks (*At the moment this crew is full)

* The Essential 1980’s John Hughes

* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

* Tiny Toons Adventures (*At the moment this crew is full)

* Animaniacs

* Dragon Tales

* Friends

* Gilligan's Island

* Into The Woods

* Laverne & Shirley

* The Munsters (*At the moment this crew is full)

* Peanuts

* Puzzle Place

* T.G.I.F. (When ABC was good TV on Friday nights. This includes shows such as Full House, Family Matters, etc.)

* Whose Line Is It Anyway

* Lost

* Lord of the Rings

* Night At The Museum

* Pixar Animated Films

* Return to Oz

* Alf

* The Big Bang Theory

* The Darjeeling Limited

* Hercules (Disney animated TV series)

* Hey Dude

* Jurassic Park

* My Little Pony

* Pushing Daisies

* WKRP in Cincinnati

* The Honeymooners

* All in the Family

* ER

* The Flintstones

* Mad Money

* Mama's Family

* Thundercats

* Sex and the City

* Scooby-Doo (*At the moment this crew is full)

* Dinosaurs

* Weekend at Bernie's

* College Road Trip

(*And don’t forget to pay a visit to our affiliates:)
Harry Potter Blogcrew
The Doctor Who and Torchwood Blog Crews
Asian Entertainment Blog Crews
Interested in affiliating? Just comment here. Also any questions on anything may be addressed there as well.


Also feel free to stop by childstarclaims (A claims community maintained by myself pertaining to former child stars)
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